Commercial Construction

Make your commercial space stand out for the right reasons when you use the services from Paniccia Construction Corp. Our firm specializes in a variety of different services, including commercial business remodels. When you are in need of general construction services, such as complete business renovations or construction management, we are here to assist you. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on your commercial upgrade.

General Contractor Services

The role of a General Contractor is to assume the responsibility of constructing all or selected phases of a project. Duties include properly scheduling and managing construction activities, project cost controlling, maintaining coordination between the trades, controlling the flow of materials and equipment to the job site, and ensuring a safe work environment.

At Paniccia Construction, we know that a well-managed project results in a high-quality product and client satisfaction. We utilize construction management software along with our experience and knowledge to efficiently control project activities.

Paniccia Construction also contains a nucleus of highly skilled and experienced subcontractors, always mindful that who we employ is a direct reflection on our company. We maintain a good relationship with all subcontractors we have found to be exceptional in the past so that when called upon again they will perform to their expected abilities.

Construction Management

Construction management is a service whereby an owner obtains the assistance of a construction expert to act as their agent in administrating the construction process. As the role of a construction manager, Paniccia Construction provides a budget and schedules to help better inform the owner of project costs and timeframes. We assist in the selection of the design team and contract interpretation.

Upon the completion of the construction documents, we will solicit and evaluate bids and select qualified general contractors or subcontractors that produce the most effective product for the owner while being the most cost-efficient.

Once the project begins, if required, we provide project supervision and coordinate scheduling of construction activities and subcontractors, accept or reject work in place, record and process necessary reports and site documents. As a Construction Manager, Paniccia Construction provides our clients with efficient, quality services tailed to their specific wants and needs.

Design-Build Work

Under a design-build contract, Paniccia Construction provides the design services and carries out the construction activities. With this service, we are especially mindful of our clients’ needs for an efficient design. Paniccia Construction, in conjunction with the owner and the design team, combines the visions of all parties involved to produce a design that meets the owner’s expectations aesthetically and functionally.

The duties of a design-build proposal consist of consulting during project development, providing a design team to satisfy the needs of the owner, coordinating contract documents and carrying out all construction activities.

Paniccia Construction is associated with a core of professional architects and engineers that are highly respected throughout the industry. These architects and engineers provide high-quality designs and superior service.

Construction Consulting

Construction Consulting is an advisory function which can be provided at any phase of the design or construction process. It allows our clients to utilize and benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of construction in order to make the necessary, timely, and cost-effective project decisions.

This service provides our client with a clear understanding of the construction process. Typically, an in-depth review of all existing construction documents is conducted. Paniccia Construction then provides an indication of constructability issues, potential high-cost areas, problems relating to availability of labor and/or materials needed in the proposed design, and any possible scheduling conflicts that may arise. Upon indication of the foreseen issues, recommendations are then provided to avoid and or correct the specified items.

Owner’s Representative

As an Owner's Representative, Paniccia Construction will act as a knowledgeable and experienced intermediary between the client, the architect and the building contractor. As an Owner's Representative, this service can begin prior to the design phase and run throughout the duration of the project. During the design phase, duties as an Owner's Representative would consist of soliciting prices and reviewing proposals from architects, engineers, and contractors. We would qualify their experience and credentials, and then make our recommendation of who would be best for the project.

During the design phase, we review the plans and budgets and make recommendations as needed. During the construction phase, Paniccia Construction monitors the quality of work being installed, evaluates the contractor's performance against the work schedule, reviews contractor's requisition for payment applications and ensures that the contractor's safety program is acceptable. During the final phase of the project, we monitor punch list processing, system testing, and transfer of all necessary materials, warranties, guarantees, and operating manuals to your selected managers.

As an Owner's Representative, our clients utilize our professional expertise to understand the many details of construction so that they can make the necessary and effective project decisions.

Contact us to request our services for your commercial construction needs. Our team offers options throughout Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.